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Kristi Thomas
, Kristi’s Beauty Journey

Coach Adrienne is someone who listens to your story with interest, compassion, and has a genuine desire to want to guide, support, and motivate. She knows how to meet you where you are and lead you towards being the best version of yourself.

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 Jaméra Winchester, M.Ed

I never really understood the benefits of having a life coach, but after my 1:1 session with Adrienne, I now know why so many people have at least one.
During our 1:1 session, Adrienne really took the time to ask me intentional questions in order to dig deeper into my purpose. She taught me about the four fish and we discussed love languages and how they can change based on where we’re at in our life.
She helped me sort through my thoughts and narrow down the things I am good at versus what I am passionate about, and let me tell you... They are two different arenas, but that's okay. 
Adrienne provided me with ideas and tips on how to refocus, add structure, and turn my passion into income and she was also vulnerable about her own personal experiences. I am grateful for her time and expertise! I left my session feeling confident, refreshed, and ready to tackle my goals! ❤ I would 10/10 recommend Adrienne as your Life Coach and Encourager 🙌


Dushawn Hausley, Lifestyle Preneur

I just came from Coach Adrienne's graduation and the support team she has is amazing. I am excited about all the lives she will touch.

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 April Conyers

I just want to say how relaxing it was talking with you. It was enlightening finding new things about myself at my age that was, I feel, positive and also things to improve upon. Good conversation with a good person/friend. Coaching is your calling like nursing is mine 

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Lavon Howard, CEO of PTG

I recommend Free to Be the Authentic Me because I know the founder personally and she is very skilled and knowledgeable in her skill area. The two sessions I have had thus far with me have been outstanding.

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