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Personal Growth & Trauma Resilience Coach for "Fatherless" Women
(ages 19-35)

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Part One

Part Two

Through that journey, I also began to solve my career crisis. You see, those children that I wanted to help... could not see their potential no matter how hard I tried to show them... they were stuck and so was I.  
My journey included Landmark, a Personal Life Coach, and the pursuit of a Master’s  Degree where I minored in Trauma Resilience.  My healing process and the access to healing tools were carefully orchestrated by my Heavenly Father through people He strategically placed in my life to suggest, guide, and encourage me in many ways. 

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Through the journey into my awakening and healing, I kept saying to myself “I want to do this for the youth”. So, as I gained tools, along with confidence, I proceeded to enroll in the Focus of Love Life Coach Program. 
Through life coach training calls and applying what I have learned in my Trauma resilience courses,  and as a woman on the other side of healing, I now see that I have the ability to support youth and women in their self-development, resilience, and trauma resilience journeys. 
If you are seeing yourself and the world from a lens where you feel like you are not important due to your "Fatherless girl" wounds and you want to experience life from a healthy and victorious lens, Let’s Talk!

Unlock Your Authentic Identity and Experience Victory!  

Victorious By Design w/ Coach Adrienne

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