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I chose the field of education as a career to help youth recognize their worth and their potential. I have always had the ability to see the potential in others, but not myself. As a little girl, trying to make sense of why my father was not in my life, I told myself that I must not be enough. This led to feelings of low self-esteem, lack of self-worth, the inability to see my value, and feeling unlovable by men. I did not want other youth to grow up feeling that way so I made it my mission to make sure that any student that I came into contact with would know their potential.


  However, I had not dealt with “me”. I looked for that self-worth in men. I based my self-worth on whether or not a man would take interest in me. Unfortunately, not many did (to my knowledge). So when I met my children’s father... I thought I had arrived. The truth is, we were 2 people looking for love and willing to love hard who also, unfortunately, lacked several ingredients: compatibility, emotional intelligence, and self-love (to name a few). Instead of getting that acceptance and love we so desperately needed, we continued to open wounds and created a toxic existence that was not fit for us nor our children.


I came to the point where I discovered that “I can do bad all by myself”,  “peace of mind is priceless”, and “ I had to create a healthier environment for my girls”. So after 19 years of marriage, I filed for divorce and began my own self-love and self-development journey. 

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